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Next St. Wenceslaus Free Lunch is 08/27/2018

Menu for Free Lunch - Click on a Lunch Item to Add/Delete your name
Lunch Item Quantities Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Sloppy Joes15 lbs BurgerDonation (ALL)
Chix Salad Sandwiches15 Cans ChickenDonation (ALL)
Chicken Noodle Casserole2 - 9x13 pans
Any Hot Casserole9 X 13 Pan
Any Vegetarian Casserole9 X 13 Pan
Green Bean Casserole1 Large PanLuann Williams (ALL)
Fruit Salad1 BowlBarb Wiemer (ALL)
Toss Salad1 BowlShirley Myers (ALL)
Deviled Eggs5 DozenNancy Kaiser (ALL)
Juices / Ice8 CansMonica Maloney-Mitros (ALL)
Desserts9 X 13 Pans: or cookies: barsKathy KellogLeigh Ann Kennedy
Potatoes30 Lbsangels called to action
Buns25 PkgsBina Querrey(All)
Cheese Slices120 SlicesBina Querrey(All)
CondimentsPickle Slices: Onion Ring SlicesBina Querrey(Pickle slices)Leigh Ann Kennedy (onion ring slices)
Fresh FruitBananas-Grapes-Oranges-Apples
Fresh VeggiesCarrots:Caulif: Peppers: Broccoli:
Other / Left Overs